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About 650 of the mountain gorillas are left in the whole world. There are only 3 countries Mountain Gorilla in Rwandawhere you can see them, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. It’s much easier to see the Mountains gorillas in Rwanda than any of other destinations mentioned here. A Permit to see the mountain gorilla costs USD 500 per person. Gorilla trekking safari is one of the top adventure safaris one can ever make to Africa. The gorilla is endangered and chances are that this could be the last generation to see the gorillas. Conservation efforts such as the Dian Fossey Foundation, International Gorilla Conservation Program, The Gorilla Fund and other related programs have helped in the efforts to save the gorillas from extinction.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Below are the different Rwanda Gorilla Safaris available all year round. These gorilla tours will enable you discover Rwanda's unique delights; Parc National des Volcans (PNV) in the Virunga volcanoes, home to the mountain gorillas to which Dian Fossey dedicated her life. To read more abBout each tour click on the link for details. You can also request for a free quote for the gorilla trip by filling out a short form on the inquire button. Our travel consultants are waiting to hear from you!

1 Day Gorilla Trek Mountain gorillas in PNV (the shortest of all the gorilla tours) INQUIRE
3 Days Gorilla Safari in PNV See the gorillas in PNV INQUIRE
4 Days Gorilla Safari (gorilla tracking twice ) Trek the mountain gorillas in PNV twice INQUIRE
4 Days PNV Gorillas and Trek to Dian Fossey's Grave Gorilla Trekking in PNV, Trek to the Karisoke Research Institute INQUIRE
4 Days Gorillas & Monkeys See the gorillas and golden monkeys INQUIRE
5 Days Gorillas, Wildlife Safari Track the gorillas in PNV, See Akagera Birds and Wildlife INQUIRE
5 Days Gorilla Safari from Rwanda to Uganda A gorilla trip with tracking in both PNV and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Uganda INQUIRE
5 Days Gorillas, Chimps Safari Trek the gorillas in PNV and Chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest INQUIRE
6 Days Great Apes Trek Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Golden Monkeys in PNV, Nyungwe Forest INQUIRE
7 Days Chimps, Gorilla Trekking Tour See Rwanda's willdife; birds, gorillas, chimpanzees etc INQUIRE

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